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Weekly Routines

15 September, 2009


Image by jeepinpixie

Let me just begin by saying, I HATE spending all day cleaning the entire house. I’d rather spend everyday, doing something, and not fighting with my family on Saturdays and running around like a mad woman trying to get every last thing done on my list. Initially, this was why Fly Lady appealed so much to me. It’s a system based upon “baby stepping” to get jobs done, and you don’t spend every week deep cleaning the entire house. For those unfamiliar with this system, basically, you divide your house into zones, and each week you work to deep clean that one area. The rest of the house gets a quick once over (one hour max), once a week. Here’s where I altered the system: The Living Room, which falls during the last week of the month, always had the least amount of time to spend cleaning it. I hated that- why would you not spend a whole week in the room where the family spends most of their time?

Here are my Zones:

  • Week 1: The Entrance and Dining Room
  • Week 2: Kitchen
  • Week 3: Bathrooms and Kids’ Rooms
  • Week 4: Master Bedroom and Hall
  • Week 5: Living Areas

Each zone gets a full week devoted to it, rather than breaking up a week with two different zones. This works well because it gives me more time to get it done (which means everything will get done), and I can actually spend my time doing it well. It’s not included on my list, but I clean the laundry room on an as needed basis. I’m down there (ideally) every day, so I pick up, wipe down, and take stock all the time. When it comes to cleaning out the dryer, I usually do that while I’m vacuuming the playroom, since they’re both in the basement.

Click here for my Daily, Weekly, Monthly Cleaning List.

Now for the once-a-week-once-over:

  1. Sort through magazines and newspapers (Recycle what we’re done with)
  2. Change bedding
  3. Empty all trash
  4. Vacuum floors (Just centers of the rooms- don’t move furniture)
  5. Mop kitchen and bathroom
  6. Wipe down mirrors and doors
  7. Dust furniture
  8. Organize pantry, clean out refrigerator

After I finish this, I usually sit down with the budget and bills, and also put together my grocery list based upon what we need for the next week’s meals. I try to plan my meals two weeks in advance, so if it’s time to start thinking about the next block of weeks, I do that too.

 There you have it. Does it keep the house spotless? Not usually- there’s a lot of people living here. Does it keep it manageable and easier to maintain? Absolutely!




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