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19 August, 2009
door with boots


And welcome to the Simple Life Chronicles. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I was going to write about on this blog. To narrow down your entire scope of interests to just a few topics is not only time consuming, but, damn, it’s hard. I spent a lot of time looking through the blogs that I regularly read, the books and magazine clippings I have spread throughout the house, and the things that I have saved in Evernote when it hit me. What interests me most in the world is motherhood and every little thing that the word encompasses. Granted, it’s a big theme; and God knows, there are plenty of blogs out there centered on that theme. But, it’s my hope that I can bring a new perspective, not only to raising babies, but to having a happy and maybe even organized household.

So kick off your shoes and enjoy.

Here’s to all the Moms’ out there who work tirelessly to make their houses homes.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for posts, or any questions you would like me to address, please feel free to e-mail me at:
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  1. 19 August, 2009 10:46 pm

    That is a fabulous picture. I love the composition. Welcome to the blogosphere!

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